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Essay Topics | Racism Essay

The racism is a very crucial topic therefore while writing an essay on racism one must not support the racism at all. Supporting racism is often considered as a sin. This essay writing can help students in many ways; firstly, in providing knowledge, what racism is and why one should not support the racism. Secondly, the effects and impacts caused by the racism on others, last but not the least the reasons that give birth to the racism and what steps should be taken for making our society an ideal one. Essays must start with the proper definition of the racism. This will give the clear idea to the readers what are they going to read in the whole essay about. Thus, the racism can be defined as discrimination of one group from the others with a thought of belonging to a different race.

Factors and Effects of Racism to Consider in Essay Writing

Students must define the roots of racism in their racism essay that leads to destruction one way or the other. These factors can provide them an essay writing help to define the impacts of these factors on the society. Following are the factors that lead to the racism:

  • Maintenance of a society cultural identity and status
  • The ability of a group to use the resources best
  • Self-protection
  • Revenge and Greed

Racism do effect every other person who face it but children are the most important and sensitive part of our society that are facing from racism and are having it impacts in their daily life. People may take racism as a part of their daily entertainment, but how can they be so heartless that they are not able to understand other’s feeling and they are really hurt by these heartless actions.

  • According to a survey, almost every 1369.2 blacks and 895.6 whites in a particular commit suicide because they are made to face severe racism and discrimination and due to discrimination amongst the various groups more than 1500 people commits suicide every single year
  • Out of 20% of 100,000,000 million populations, people are affected greatly from racism. One cannot understand the pain of going through the racism until one has gone through it
  • Racism does not end up in the form of suicide. It causes many families to lose their special ones. Some people due to racism and other are suffered from mental disorders. Racism is the second major factor of increase in the death rate and depression

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